The Zen of the Jaguar S-Type

Post date: Mar 18, 2011 2:10:21 PM

I recently purchased a used Jaguar S-Type and while the Buddhist in me revolted, the gear-head in me rejoiced; as did my wife. This is one of the nicest driving/riding cars I’ve ever owned and I feel spoiled every time I get in. However, over the past few weeks I’ve started to notice how much more focused on driving I am. Upon further analysis, I’ve come to the conclusion that all of the automated features on the car take the distraction out of driving and is letting me be more mindful while driving. These features are marketed as luxury features, but I like to think of them as zen features:

    • Automatic headlights that come on when a certain percentage of darkness is detected.
    • Memory seats that allow me to go back to the perfect driving position each time I get behind the wheel.
    • Rain-sensing windshield wipers that quicken the wipes when more rain is detected.
    • Steering wheel-mounted radio controls. Ten & Two, people!
    • Automated climate control where I set an interior temperature and the car does the rest.
    • And several more.

I feel that these “luxury” features are making me a more mindful and safe driver and I wish all car makers would offer the same features on their vehicles.

Happy driving!