Leave emotion behind for a more peaceful job

Post date: Mar 18, 2011 2:02:38 PM

One of the concepts we study in Buddhism is the theory of no-self or egolessness.

The false belief in a soul/ self gives rise to all forms of self-centered desires. Therefore,

such a belief is the worst kind of belief because it leads to egocentric behaviour.

If we give up the idea of self in our career, we can better focus on the cause and effect of our daily actions and those of our co-workers.

For me personally, giving up the phrases “why does this always happen to me” and “why does nothing every go smoothly with our equipment” is helping me to stay more peaceful when faced with problems that I need to address. If I approach a server problem with egolessness, than all that exists is the server and the problem. All I need to focus on is a solution. I therefore have more positive energy and I am able to think more clearly to discover that solution.