Buddhist theory of causality

Post date: Mar 18, 2011 2:04:36 PM

Paticcasamuppada = Dependent Co-Arising

The Buddhist theory of causality is an excellent lesson to take to heart in the IT industries. Boiled down, it simply means that there is no effect without a cause. It goes on to further state that there are no singular causes or effects in life; everything is interconnected.

Applying this line of thought to a server rollout, we can come to many conclusions and be better prepared to respond to issues as they arise:

    • Putting a server into production, means more traffic
    • Means a configuration change
    • Means more RAM and CPU usage
    • Means higher IO on the disks

Therefore, we can be prepared to respond to each of these effects knowing that putting the server into production is the cause. However, do not disregard the network as it will be affected as well with additional broadcast and application traffic going to the new server. Again, everything is interconnected.

So, Paticcasamuppada shows that there can be no effect without a cause, and for that matter multiple effects.

Be prepared!