White Mtns Road Trip - Day 1

Post date: Jun 11, 2017 10:55:06 PM

Itching for some new and majestic scenery, shooting partner Rod and I decided to try our hand in the White Mountains of NH, specifically for the Lupines, in early June. Since this area was my old stomping grounds from growing up in NH, I thought we'd have no trouble finding places to shoot - and I was right! We amassed quite the collection of shots over our 4 day road trip. Here is day 1 - enjoy!

Crossing over Southern Vermont, we enjoyed the views from Hogback Mtn, which boasts 100 mile views - and we got them!

Here is the Appalacian Trail (AT) footbridge over a local creek.

Do not tilt your head! This is not an optical illusion. I've meant to stop and take a photo of this leaning barn for over 20 years, and finally did - before it eventually falls. Phew!

Here is the Twin Stone Arch Bridge - a well known landmark in Southern NH.

A playful shot of the Stone Arch Bridge through a crystal sphere - just to try something new.

To end the day, the moon rising over Drew Lake with a nice reflection.

On to Day 2!