Well Being Day Hike

My awesome company, Software2 (www.software2.com), gave everyone a free day off to look after ourselves with any well being activity we'd like. As you might expect, I set off for a bit of hiking. I chose a nearby waterfall that I haven't visited in well over a year despite it only being 35 mins from my house. The lockdown mindset prevails, I suppose. It was a decent day, but with high winds that made it a bit chilly especially from the topmost outlook that I hiked to. Here are the photos. Enjoy, and thank you, Software2!

That little notch in the trees at the top is the destination for the day!

My fav part of the trail - the "spooky forest"

The recently named Skyline Trail is one mile to the start of the trail to Tinker Falls.

Some White Trillium along the trail.

A warm feeling along the forest trail.

Good water flow in the outlet stream below the falls.

Tinker Falls!

The staircase that lead up to the path behind the falls. Very slippy!

The path behind the falls.

From behind, looking through the falls and downstream.

The small feeder stream above the falls as it continues to cut through the ledges.

Red Trillium!

A pano from the top lookout. This site used to be used for launching hang gliders until they moved to a place further South where the top is less of a hike to get to. I can relate.

A little forest home for someone special.

Not a bad effort! I'll be feeling this later.

All in all, as Wallace would say "A grand day out!"