Wandering the Erie Canal

Post date: Sep 28, 2015 9:41:11 PM

Fellow photographer Rod Best and I spend several hours wandering almost 5 miles along the old Erie Canal with our cameras recently. The old towpath has been beautifully maintained for multi-use by runners, cyclists, and walkers alike. Best of all, there are no access fees and the scenery along the banks is very serene and remote feeling. Here are a few of my shots from our wander. Enjoy!

An original view of the canal in use.

The information sign at our starting point. Click to enlarge and you can read the whole thing.

Some wild Concord (I think) grapes growing along the path. These were super small this year - about the size of peas!

Another grape vine, this time back lit by the sun with light sparkles on the water. We call this bokeh in photography.

Some lovely reflections - we anticipate an even better scene once the fall colors arrive.

A final view of the towpath and canal.

I hope you can take a stroll on some history the next time you're in our area!