Vermont in Sub-zero Temps!

Post date: Jan 8, 2018 11:12:16 PM

Once again, my friend and shooting partner Rod and I set out for Vermont to capture some winter scenes. During the planning phase, the weather was looking sunny and clear. However, the "bomb cyclone" quickly changed that forecast as the fast developing and fast moving storm ransacked the East Coast. We were undeterred and headed East. :-) We drove straight into the outskirts of the storm and arrived in Bennington in a steady snowfall. But we were prepared and started our shoot, immersing ourselves and our cameras in bitter cold, knee deep snowbanks, and the wonderful and classic feel of winter in Vermont. Here are my favorite photos from our trip - please enjoy!

A classic New England Colonial sporting a classic wreath and candles for the holidays.

This is Rod taking a shot mid-snowstorm.

The historic Henry Covered Bridge. This photo is for sale on my store site:

It wouldn't be a "bomb cyclone" without wind! Snow blowing off the roof of the Henry Covered Bridge.

Just in time for lunch, we found this awesome little cafe - Two Brews Cafe. Put this on your "must visit" list!

Further North, we stopped to photograph this gorgeous little inn. Can you spot the shadow from my tripod legs?

Some lovely decorations adorn the Taconic Hotel.

Here is the entryway - who's craving a cup of hot chocolate?!

Rod loves his barns, so I joined in and got this photo from the Manchester Inn.

Isn't this the perfect name for an outfitter's shop! (Downtown Manchester, VT)

Wreathes were everywhere, including this side door of the First Baptist Church.

More holiday decos.

One of my favorite images from the trip. Simple, yet powerful.

This lighted garland was all around the main circle in Manchester - very festive!

Another barn image from the Manchester Inn. As you can tell, by day two the weather had passed and we were enjoying clear skies and -5 F temps!

On our way to Woodstock, we stopped by Plymouth, VT to research another barn that Rod was after. Somehow we left without setting foot in this shop! I'm going in next time. :-)

Another barn on the way to Woodstock, but this one is special as it is 5 stories tall! It looks in good shape and I would love to see the construction on the inside. Just massive!

One of the National Historic Register buildings decorated for the holidays in Woodstock.

Is there a more perfect church to visit during winter in Vermont? I don't think so!

Here's the Middle Bridge in Woodstock. Named this because it crosses the same river as two other covered bridges in town, one upstream and one downstream.

A different angle of Middle Bridge. (This one may end up on my store website, too!)

Now Taftsville is a new bridge for me, so it was fun to explore. It's incredibly long at 189 feet!

Taftsville features a Burr arch-truss support structure. Gorgeous engineering!

Here is the full span of the Taftsville Covered Bridge.

Our final stop was the Old First Church, back in Bennington. I do love the look of the classic candles!

The front facade of the Old First Church. That's it for this trip.

Happy New Year!