Post date: May 10, 2016 1:16:50 PM

Upon being invited to give a presentation in Waterloo, Canada, I decided to make a stop in Toronto on my way. After a small comedy of errors, including leaving my passport at home, I made it to my first stop: the world famous Toronto Zoo! Sadly, I had only 1 hour before closing, so ran around to get as many shots as I could. Afterwards, I headed downtown to try for a night shot of the skyline. When I arrived at my chosen spot, I was not alone - there were at least a dozen photographers camped out! I chatted with a local guy and we shot away, through sunset and into twilight. I eventually had to leave to finish my trek to the hotel. Here are my best photos from my whirlwind trip in Canada. Please enjoy!

First, the baby Giant Pandas - first ones ever born in Canada!

Mama having a snack.

Papa roaming about.

And, then having a snack of his own.

This is their baby Polar Bear, Juno!

An Arctic Wolf watching the sun go down.

Their Snow Leopard keeps watch.

One of many West Caucasian Tur.

The new Indian Rhino baby, yet to be named.

Mother and baby.

The resident, free-roaming Peacock.

One of their Sumatran Tigers.

The Toronto skyline at sunset.

And, finally, the money shot! The Toronto skyline at night, with the moon!

A fast, but great trip, and I'll be going back!