Syracuse, NY

Post date: Aug 21, 2011 2:39:30 PM

With many challenges behind us, we have successfully settled in Syracuse, NY! It was quite a move, and the hardest of the dozen or so I've undertaken so far. There were struggles at every turn, but we persisted and got here safe and sound.

Our first two weeks in the city have been good ones. We've learned to navigate around, found an amazing grocery store (Wegmans), have discovered a list of great eateries to visit (including Strong Hearts Cafe, which features an all vegan menu and are known for killer milkshakes), and have already attended an outdoor concert downtown (Armory Square's Candlelight Series).

The neighborhood that our apartment is located in has a quaint little square with fountain, statues, and blooms everywhere you look. It's perfect for outdoor relaxing and studying as we both pursue our degrees.

All in all, we are truly enjoying "city living" and I look forward to sharing more experiences to come!