Syracuse Crunch Hockey Game

Post date: Apr 18, 2015 10:27:35 PM

On a Friday night in April, I attended and shot a Syracuse Crunch hockey game with fellow photographer and instructor, Scott Thomas ( The night served two purposes: For me to practice some of my action/motion/sports photography and for Scott to test out my new camera as a possible replacement for his Nikon gear. I think the night was a success on both fronts, though I have to say that I could not even think fast enough to capture all the action! (Also, the players and fans are all insane!) :-)

Here are my shots, enjoy!

The Crunch goalie blocking a shot during practice.

Crunch goalie and players defending their goal.

A local youth cleaning the ice during a break in the action.

The Crunch mascot working the crowd.

Crunch goalie and opposing team player tracking an airborne puck.

High speed action in front of the hometown net.

Crunch goalie successfully catching a slap shot.

Puck drop.

Crunch player guiding the puck down ice.

Crunch player getting crunched against the glass.

Sadly, the Syracuse Crunch lost the game that night, but it was a very interesting affair for me to watch and shoot!


PS: Here is my official Press pass. :-)