Supermoon Eclipse

Post date: Sep 28, 2015 9:54:49 PM

A rare celestial event occurred on Sept 27, where 3 different events converged: A supermoon (closest point to earth), plus a full moon, plus a complete lunar eclipse. Guess who was there with his camera? (Of course, photographer in crime, Rod Best was there, too.) We chose Skaneateles, NY hoping for some interesting buildings to include in our compositions. Here are my shots - enjoy!

Before the moon came up, we waited for the sun to go down! This is a small lake house during golden hour.

Church steeple during golden hour.

The same lake house, with the supermoon rising above.

Church steeple at night.

Private lake house (mansion) at night.

Pier and reflections in the lake.

Super full moon prior to start of eclipse.

A time lapse panel I created showing the progression of the eclipse.

The next one occurs in 18 years - see you there! :-)