St. Petersburg

Post date: Nov 15, 2015 1:37:47 PM

During a business trip to an education conference in St. Petersburg, Florida I grabbed some shots of the area. It's quite a nice little community with lots of shops and places to eat and you can walk just about everywhere. A recent addition to the area (2011) is The Dali Museum, celebrating artist Salvador Dali. More info here:

Here are my shots, enjoy!

Boats in the marina.



The marina at night.

Lots of these little guys around, especially in the afternoon when they all lay out in the sun on the sidewalks for warmth.

A couple of residential towers at night. Great colors!

"The Harbormaster". This guy was standing guard for quite a long time and was okay with people walking past and stopping to take photos. You could get as close as about 6-7 feet!

Closeup of "The Harbormaster".

The Dali Museum at night.

A double-crested cormorant enjoying the morning sunshine.

Another shot of the marina, processed to look like an oil painting.

A Florida Osprey - I think they're the same as a NY Osprey. :-)

A statue in the Museum of Fine Art's city park.

Another statue in the MFA park.

Quite a neat spot to hang out for a few days!