Stone Dam Lake - Snowshoeing

Post date: Feb 17, 2013 11:30:32 PM

For my 40th birthday I did something I almost never do: take the day off from work. And of course, I headed out to the trails! This trip took me to the Stone Dam Lake trail just on the very edge of Adirondack Park in Forestport, NY. After driving though 20 miles of lake effect snow on the interstate, I arrived at the trailhead under sunny, but cold skies.

While I had planned enough time and packed enough supplies, I sadly did not make the full length to Stone Dam Lake. Perhaps another time! I did see some neat stuff along the way. Enjoy!

Little Woodhull Creek still running and kicking up huge chunks of ice

Here is the first footbridge over a little tributary to Little Woodhull Creek

Chasing my shadow and blazing the trail

A larger footbridge over a narrow section of the creek

Some amazing ice formations around the footbridge - reminds me of the mouth of humpback whale

Over the bridge we go

A wood-tinted icicle made by water seeping through a rotten tree

One of the more interesting spots I've seen for a trail marker

A beaver lake and marsh - the furthest point in my trek

Happy Trails!