Spring Runoff = Roadside Waterfalls

Post date: Apr 13, 2014 5:06:34 PM

In preparation for my upcoming Teaching Tour (more info here: http://www.meetup.com/PhotoClasses/events/176828292/ ) I decided to brush off my waterfall photography skills and go out for some practice. Visiting a nearby side road that traversed a more steep hillside, I was greeted with shot after shot after shot! Below is a sampling - I hope you enjoy.

What a delightful road to walk along!

The stream runs past some kind of old retaining wall or foundation or perhaps bridge support.

This little feeder has just about run out of water.

A flying "V"?

Moisture plus sunlight gives this birch log a gold-plated look.

"Gold-plated" log close-up.

A lovely multi-tiered cascade.

A fun little natural chute.

A rock bath. :-)

A 2-step cascade at a slow shutter speed...

And, the same 2-step cascade at a faster shutter speed.

Don't forget to look for the downstream shots!

A wonderful little cascade.

A "big" drop. ;-)

What a great time out - happy shooting!