Salt Lake City, Utah

Post date: Sep 14, 2019 12:35:24 PM

One of the best perks of my day job is travel and being able to visit places I might not otherwise get to. This time around it was to Salt Lake City, Utah and the University of Utah. What a place! My first thought of the landscape was "this is like Mars!" We just don't have anything like it here in the East. I grabbed a few smartphone photos while there and here they are to enjoy...

My first view after landing and driving to the hotel.

The U of U building for our meeting.

Murals inside the building.

My boss's favorite lunch spot - also having an anniversary in 2019!

We also made a quick stop at Temple Square to see some of the building and pipe organs at the Mormon Church. This is the hall where the famed Mormon Tabernacle Choir performs.

Check out those pipes!

The Visitors Chapel at Temple Square.

Also with its own pipe organ.

Wonderful towers on this one.

Historic bell monument.

This time I stayed awake on the plane and grabbed some shots of the amazing landscape as I flew East and home...

A logo on the mountainside for the college below.

Valley road over to the next hot spot by the lake. What a view!

Happy Trails!