Salmon River Falls

Post date: Sep 20, 2014 11:08:34 PM

On an unusually warm and humid Saturday in the second half of September, I made a trip up to the Salmon River basin and specifically the Salmon River Falls Unique Area. Here is another great example of NYSDEC work at its finest!

Whenever you visit a spot while traveling, take photos of the information displays for later reference.

Here is an overall view of the falls, basin and outflow river.

A wide-angle view of the cascades.

The falls from the outflow looking through some foliage that is staring to turn.

The falls with a nice batch of wildflowers in the foreground.

Close-up of a bumblebee on a wildflower next to the trail.

Some weird little beetles that had a circuit board-like pattern on their backs.

The last of the wild roses for this season.

The steps built by the NYSDEC leading back up to the main path. (Looks like you could be going down - that's my camera's Escher mode!) ;-)

Fallen leaves on the last of the steps to the top trail.

A view of the river above the falls. Some fall color starting to peak through!

All in all, I found this to be a neat little spot that will require further investigation and photographing!