Rouxbe Recipe Creation

Post date: Jun 12, 2011 11:29:23 PM

Occasionally I'll have a break-though moment with my cooking ideas and this weekend was one of those times. I combined two lessons from my online video cooking school Rouxbe ( and created a single wonderful dish that my wife said tasted like something from a restaurant. :-)

Here is the summary:

I started by sauteing some baby bella mushrooms, then deglazed with some white wine.

Next, added some chicken stock and cooked it down to a thin sauce-like consistency.

In another pot, I cooked some pasta using the risotto method.

Now this was my first attempt cooking pasta like you would risotto, but it came out so well and so tasty it won't be the last.

(In short, you toast the dry pasta in some oil and then slowly simmer it using stock to draw out the starch until you have a creamy sauce.)

I then blended the two together and simmered for a while longer. To finish I added another splash of white wine.

All in all, it was wonderful and took about 40 mins. start to finish. Yum!