Post date: Nov 4, 2017 1:06:39 PM

As part of my on-going travels for the new job with Software2, I attended the year's largest technology conference for colleges and universities. This year it was held in Philly, and me and my camera were ready to go. While I did get a lot of good shots and saw many historic sites, it is clear that I need to study up on my history! I hope you enjoy this collection of photos...

I was lucky to have my hotel on South Broad St, also known as the Avenue of the Arts. The street features many theaters and tributes to artists (seen below.)

But first, I had to get there... This is the Ithaca airport's idea of a jetway, haha! At least the plane had jet engines.

First up, was a nice walk to the historic part of downtown and some of the tourist stops along the way. This is the post office where Ben Franklin worked.

The famous Liberty Bell.

Independence Hall and the steeple that once housed the Liberty Bell.

A unique clock on one end of Independence Hall, not visible from the street.

This is the monument in George Washington Park.

The Forest Theatre - one of many theaters in Philly.

No collection of photos would be complete without a few night shots! This is City Hall, looking down Benjamin Franklin Parkway.

And, this is Benjamin Franklin Bridge which crosses over into NJ.

Broad Street Station Historic Site Plaque.

Real gas light outside the Academy of Music building.

City Hall Tower.

Beneath the City Hall Tower.

William Penn Prayer Plaque, found beneath City Hall Tower.

Mother Jones Historical Plaque.

A spikey railing outside of City Hall.

Here are some of the featured artists along South Broad St...

What a deeply rich history and culture Philadelphia has to offer! To get the most out of it, brush up on your history first, though. :-)

See you again, soon!