Out and About

Post date: Nov 16, 2015 2:14:31 AM

Spent some time out with friend and fellow photographer Rod Best, today. We drove around to some random spots and did some shooting. Here is my eclectic collection. :-)

I started the day with a local coyote hunting in a nearby field.

Next, we hit a local railroad bridge and found some very colorful graffiti underneath.

"Ginja" graffiti.

"Petey Smack" graffiti.

Further down the road, we stopped at one of the locks on the river. Lots of gulls about. This one is just taking off.

Dam and flood control gates. In-camera HDR.

Our next stop was at a double-barreled stream tunnel under the RR tracks.

One of the barrels, done in black and white.

A red-tailed hawk keeps an eye on us at our last stop.

The historic Martisco train station from 1870. In-camera HDR.

The tracks leading to the Alps? Have to check back in Winter on this one! In-camera HDR.

A close-up abstract of the tracks and rail bed.

Always a great day out when Rod and I get behind our cameras!