New Shower

Post date: Jul 4, 2017 9:17:49 PM

One of the glaring shortcomings of our new house was the lack of a shower in the master bathroom. Well, after a couple of months of research, design, and estimating, we found a solution we liked and had it installed. Yay, shower! Here are the photos of the progress...

This is the starting point, and we didn't want to give up the swimming pool-sized soak tub.

First, we need an access panel to swap the tub faucet. This is a true commitment to quality - tiling all the way around!

Access achieved!

Installing the new tub faucet.

New faucet with a shower riser pipe!

Faucet and shower riser pipe.

The job "supervisor"! ;-)

The new ceiling mounted shower curtain ring.

New shower curtain ring and LED light fixture.

Complete view of new hardware, all installed.

Final look at the new shower with new curtains!

It looks great, works well, and maintains our ability to "swim" in the soak tub should we want to. A job well done by our master plumber, Keith!