Minneapolis - Part 2

Post date: Oct 18, 2014 4:32:11 PM

On a recent trip to Minneapolis, I exercised my photographic muscles while taking in the sites of the city. Part 1 (http://www.spitze.us/posts/minneapolis-part1) was focused on some of the green spaces that Minneapolis is known for and Part 2 actually takes place across the river in St. Paul, the older of the Twin Cities. The family had just enough time to visit the Botanical Gardens Conservatory and Como Zoo. Both sites were past their summer primes, but I still managed to grab a couple of fun, creative shots. Enjoy!

The exterior of the gardens building - it is very appealing to gaze upon!

A close up of the dome.

Lots of fun patterns are found on the inside. It is impressive at how large some of the plants have grown completely indoors.

The perfect spot to sit for a spell.

Jurassic Park-sized leaves create a shade canopy.

We learned that St. Paul is a sister city to Nagasaki, Japan and have a beautiful little traditional Japanese garden. They even conduct formal tea ceremonies during the summer!

A boulder bridge inside the gardens.

Bamboo edging along a walking path.

An antique stone lantern from the 1904 Worlds Fair Expo. There were several throughout the garden.

At the Como Zoo, a flamingo stretches its wings.

An orangutan swings through the air within his habitat.

A motley looking crew, but I loved the mutton chops look!

A gorilla with a somewhat quizzical look. (Some minutes later, I tried to take another photo on the other side of the habitat and he become very agitated. He actually charged the fence and flung dirt at the group of us by the fence.)

A very relaxed snow leopard.

A somewhat "troubled" ostrich... he bounced his head in this pose for many minutes.

A classic zebra shot to end the day.

Great fun continued in the Twin Cities. Stay tuned for Part 3, coming soon!