Howe Caverns

Post date: Sep 23, 2016 10:51:50 PM

Shooting buddy, Rod, and I made a mid-week trip to Howe Caverns after signing up for the Photo Tour. We were granted up to 3 hours in the cave and were free to move about at our own pace focusing on our shots. We didn't have to adhere to a normal tour schedule, which was great! As a first time experience photographing a cave setting, it was informative. After studying my shots, I will definitely make a few changes in the future. Regardless, we both came a way with some good shots and here are mine. Enjoy!

The overhanging rock ways about 22 Tons and is held in place by only 1 square foot of friction!

This formation reminded me of a waterfall.

This formation is called Cyclops.

A very large and very old stalagmite.

These are aptly named soda straws.

This shot reminded Rod and of photos from Antelope Canyon. A very famous place for photos. (You can Google it.)

This kind of reminded me of monster teeth.

They even have an underground boat ride! This is from our boat pulling back into the dock.

This is called the "Pipe Organ".

The absolutely still water here creates a mirror illusion.

Coral or brains?

Rod taking a shot.

Part of the "Winding Way" section of the cave.

And, a beaver. Who doesn't love a beaver?! (This was during a scouting stop on the way home.)