Houses & Boathouses on Skaneateles Lake

Post date: Sep 18, 2016 12:41:24 PM

For our 11th Wedding Anniversary, my wife and I kicked around Skaneateles for shopping and lunch, followed by a scenic boat trip around the lake. While the lighting wasn't great, the angles to shoot the houses and boathouses along the shore was pretty good, so I put together this collection. Enjoy!

Kerry in front of our ride, the Judge Ben Wiles.

Kerry and I quite liked this "little" house, thinking if we pooled some money we might be able to afford it! Ha!

This is "just" the boathouse!

This apparently is both boathouse and guest house. (From the Left side.)

Same as above, from the Right side. A "4 car" setup!

We both quite liked this one.

Even tree houses get special treatment!

Did you have a favorite one? Maybe something picked out for retirement after winning 6 lotteries?!