Gleasmans Falls

Post date: Sep 13, 2014 1:08:51 PM

Back on the trail! The temps have dropped, the bugs have disappeared and I'm back on the trail for the fall hiking season. Yes!

My first outing was to Gleasmans Falls in the Independence River State Forest, about 15 miles east of downtown Lowville, NY. The day was cool at about 50 degrees, a light wind and no bugs! :-) The trail was beautiful and in perfect condition. There were only a half dozen wet spots to contend with and nicely constructed DEC footbridges for the larger stream crossings.

The falls themselves are quite interesting. A series of cascades run through a granite gorge with pine and hardwoods lining the shores. Here are the photos - enjoy!

I'm here!

First footbridge.

Second footbridge.

Old beaver pond.

Last of the berry season.

A cool granite ecosystem - I counted at least 5 different types of moss and lichen.

An early splash of fall color on the side of the trail.

Mushroom on the trail.

Third footbridge.

Second trail sign.

First view up the gorge.

Looking down the gorge.

Upper cascades from the top of the gorge wall.

Swirling bubbles.

Upper cascades (my best shot of the trip.)

Falls closeup.

Upper cascade and gorge walls.

The entire hike took me over 3 hours (mostly due to the photography) and the official trail length is 2.6 miles. A great day out!