Gear Review - L.L. Bean Vacationland Sneakers

Post date: Jan 13, 2013 4:20:53 PM

Best Shoes, Ever!

By now most of you will recognize me as an L.L. Bean fan-boy, and I am happy to admit it! While not every item I've purchased has been perfect for my use, they do have a very high success rate in my closet and gear bags.

Let me highlight the most perfect pair of year-round shoes I've ever owned: L.L. Bean Vacationland Sneakers.

These babies start you off in the hot summer months by enabling barefoot use to keep cool or steam wading with a foam core sole and mesh uppers. They even include anti-bacterial insoles!

Now, as we move into cooler weather, you can simply add a pair of lightweight socks for a bit of extra warmth and keep on walking in fabulous comfort.

For those of us in the colder climates, you'd think December would be a time to surrender these to the closet for the next 6-7 months. You'd be wrong! Add a pair of Smartwool hiker socks and you're good to go throughout winter. The Smartwool gives all the warmth you'll need, and the mesh uppers of the Vacationland sneakers help your feet breath in comfort.

The well-designed traction pattern gives you the confidence you need to stride across any surface, wet, dry, icy, or otherwise.

By the way, my pair is 3 1/2 years old and only showing minimal signs of wear. A+!

Happy Trails!