Foliage 2014

Post date: Sep 29, 2014 9:44:25 PM

"Not in several years has Mother Nature given us a palate of such spectacular and vibrant colors." -Me

The fall foliage season of 2014 has been fantastic! All over New England (where they go "leaf peeping") and through New York state and down the Eastern seaboard, the colors of fall have exploded. The depth of the reds, the luminosity of the oranges, and every other color to each end of the spectrum has been simply spectacular and fun to try and catch on camera. Here are a few of my latest shots during a short hike in Tully, NY.

Not all sections of the forest have changed just yet.

Looking up, you can glimpse the smallest amount of color at the tops of the trees.

The leaves that have turned and already fallen, create a carpet of color on the trail.

A glimpse of fire through the trees.

The vibrancy of the changing leaves this year.

And, a tee pee for good measure. ;-)

Happy Trails!