Flying With Raptors

Post date: Jun 21, 2015 11:39:31 PM

I had the great experience and distinct pleasure to work with a Master Falconer and host a class for my photography students over the weekend. The topic, of course, was raptors and Lorrie brought along 3 magnificent birds of prey for us to practice photographing. They were:

Ravi, a Saker Falcon from the Middle East

Machu, a Harris' Hawk from the Southwest US

Big Mama, a European Eagle Owl from Europe

Lorrie spent some time talking with my students about each bird and their habits and answering questions. Then, she set about flying both Big Mama and Machu. Finally, my students got the special treat of having their portraits taken with Ravi.

Here are a few of my shots. Enjoy!

Big Mama doing a bit of advertising.

A Big Mama portrait. Her colors were fantastic!

Ravi (only 1 year old) shows off his wings.

Big Mama going fast!

Machu just after take-off from his perch in a tree.

Machu skimming along the grass.

Me and Ravi for a portrait.

Machu coming back to Lorrie, our Master Falconer.

What a great day for everyone!