Fillmore Glen at 24mm

Post date: Sep 12, 2017 3:39:19 PM

On a recent photo trip/hike of Fillmore Glen State Park, I decided to practice some composition skills by shooting only with my 24mm prime lens. It was quite fun and I recommend this type of adventure to all my students! Here are my photos, please enjoy!

This is a gorgeous stone arch bridge over the main creek, and I continue to struggle with a composition that I like.

A different angle.

Cowsheds Waterfall.

Looking upstream - I liked the golden reflection of the water.

Along the path, this tree defies gravity.

Waterfall and ledges.

This is the only shot where I used a different lens, as I wanted to capture the multi-directional spray close-up.

Fillmore's boyhood cabin from the mid 1850s.

Enjoy the fall, it's just around the corner!