Farm Sanctuary

Post date: Aug 4, 2012 1:41:37 PM

As we neared Watkins Glen, NY, the dozens and dozens of wineries along Seneca Lake were tempting, but today's trip was for the animals. Specifically, the rescued farm animals that now call Farm Sanctuary home, just 8 miles West of Watkins Glen.

Farm Sanctuary ( was started in the mid-80's and today is thriving with 3 locations and hundreds of thousands of supporters. Each sanctuary gives life-long, loving care to their wards and enable those animals once in life-threatening situations to live out the rest of their natural lives in peace and good health.

If you're ever in the Finger Lakes area, be sure to stop in and visit the animals, many of which you can get up close to and even pet! For a meager $5 fee, you'll get an hour-long tour of the farm and free vegan ice cream treats at the end. :-)

Here are some of the animals we befriended...

This little guy had an injured leg and was receiving top-notch care from a local vet - on a volunteer basis.

This was a special breed of show chicken isn't one that the rescuers normally encounter. However, if they need a home, they get one.

This is Joan Jett, the pig, named after the famous lead singer and strong supporter of Farm Sanctuary. Luckily, there are many celebrities offering support and bringing awareness to the farms.

Just a leisurely cruise around the pond on a sunny afternoon.

Visiting Farm Sanctuary is both enlightening and humbling and absolutely worth the trip!

NOTE: If you're ever in Syracuse, NY, stop into Strong Hearts Cafe ( and enjoy their new Farm Sanctuary vegan milk shake - delicious!

See you soon!