Fall, 2022

On the first weekend of Oct, 2022, shooting buddy Rod and I went in search of fall colors. We were definitely early, but did find some fun things to shoot. Our list of subjects and locations seen below include:

  • Waterfalls and terrain at Fillmore Glen State Park

  • Mushrooms! We found a lovely collection of varieties to shoot in Fillmore Glen

  • Carpenters Falls - a new location for me and a lot of steps... 182 to be exact!

  • New Hope Mill - another new location for me and famously where they used to make the flour and baking mixes you might just have in your pantry!

  • Moravia, NY - here we found a grand old church and gorgeous brick home.

Nearly all of my photos were done with my iPhone and a few with my drone. I had my regular camera gear but was feeling lazy. ;-)