England, Part 2

Post date: Dec 3, 2017 10:23:23 PM

Here is Part 2, Days 3-4: Manchester to Lancaster, England. This part of the trip was to visit one of our major customers and participate in an all-day event where other customers from around the country came to share ideas. Our host was Lancaster University, a quite prestigious college in Northern England.

Lancaster, UK = 45,000

- Ithaca = 31,000

- Concord, NH = 43,000

First up was a train ride north. I managed to get a few shots of the countryside as we went along at 60mph. Please forgive the glare from the window glass.

Lots of sheep along the way!

During the campus tour part of the day, we learned about this tree which is found in the library. The space used to be an outside courtyard, but during a recent renovation was enclosed, but the tree was preserved and now lives indoors!

The indoor tree from the 2nd floor.

A nice modern, clean feeling following the renovations.

Fewer books and a lot more space for students to gather and work. There were only a few places that were "quiet zones", which shows a change in how students prefer to study these days.

One of the many small, old details from around campus.

Another lighted fountain!

This is the lobby/great room of our hotel on campus. The fireplace was a real wood burning one, and the two gents are my boss on the left and our tech support guy on the right.

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