Covered Bridges in PA

Post date: May 6, 2019 2:42:04 PM

On a rainy, foggy, and gloomy day (as is always the case it seems!) photography buddy Rod and I set out to find and capture some of the historic Covered Bridges of Pennsylvania. We spent about 11 hours in the car and the rain, found 5 bridges (including 1 that wasn't on any map!), and a few other things to shoot. A grand day out and a few spots we'll likely revisit in the Fall when the leaves are changing. I hope you enjoy!

First Bridge: Buttonwood Covered Bridge. A very short span over Blockhouse Creek.

Second Bridge: Cogan House Covered Bridge over Larrys Creek. Just on the other side and to the right is a single family home and they seem to own the entire corner of land along the creek. So jealous to be able to see this beauty every day!

On our way to #3, we spotted this gorgeous barn and farm property.

Bridge Three: This is the one we never saw coming! Hillsgrove Covered Bridge over Loyalsock Creek. This is a nice long span!

Looking down the side - I like the window awnings on this one.

And, the interior was painted red - the first I've seen this done with a covered bridge.


The entrance of Hillsgrove Covered Bridge from the far side.

Fourth Bridge: The downstream view of the Folksville Covered Bridge.

The Folksville Covered Bridge along with the Folksville General Store.

A really old wooden sign directing travelers to an Inn, Hotel, and Motel offering Good Food and Drinks.

A bit of local history. Do you recognize the last name?

Bridge Five: By far, our favorite of the day! Knapp's Covered Bridge. The bridge was more unique and setting just about perfect!

Lovely stone work to support each end of this bridge.

And the last stop of the day. It wouldn't be a Rod & Phil trip without some kind of train shot! Here is a multi-segment trestle bridge in Athens, PA spanning the Chemung River.

Happy Travels!