Black Bear & Rocky Mtns - Adirondack Park

Post date: Apr 6, 2012 3:30:30 PM

On April 4th, 2012 I set out for my first set of hikes in Adirondack Park. Leaving Syracuse, the sky was a fantastic blue with a few puffy white clouds for character. I was excited!

I set off down the trail and was immediately greeted with sounds of a babbling brook and found this quaint little pool and miniature cascade. I could have stopped right here, thrown up a hammock and disappeared into a good book. But the trail beckons.

Most of the trail to and from the summit of Black Bear Mountain is relatively flat with some minor altitude gains. It was muddy and even swampy in some places.

However, about 1/2 mile from the summit you make a right-hand turn and start your climb. Think of walking up a flight of stairs for about 1/3 of a mile!

There are many examples of the trees doing battle with the granite, but for the most part co-existence seems to be working.

At the summit, the views were a bit clouded over, but I could still see for 1-2 miles and catch glimpses of the surrounding peaks, lakes, and villages below.

On the summit there is a wonderful vein of quartz running through the granite.

Descending the peak was a bit tough in places, especially with my camera gear. Here you can see a near vertical wall that I had to scale down. A little scary!

I saw a few remaining signs of the winter past.

And a sign that the spring is on its way, as shades of green start to appear.

Next stop: Rocky Mountain...

This trail is almost 100% climbing all the way to the summit, because it is only a 1/2 mile long trail. The conservation department has done a great job at maintaining the trail and adding to it where needed, such as this step cut into a fallen tree.

And, please meet Laura. She's a tree.

And, another tree (unnamed) happy on its stone perch.

Continuing up, I encounter snow and at times it's coming down quite heavy. Clearly, Old Man Winter has not let go just yet and I'm not giving up until the summit is had.

At the summit, visibility is about 75 feet.

But, within about 10 minutes, the storm passes and all is revealed!

Another view from the summit.

And of course on the descent, the sun was shining and all of that snow was melting. Here the trees seemed to be full of Christmas-style twinkle lights.

And finally, the trees beyond in a drop of water.

What a great first trip I had and I'm already planning my next! Hope to see you out on the trails!

Happy Shooting!