Bennington, Vermont

Post date: May 23, 2012 1:26:55 AM

During a visit by family to Syracuse, we decided to head out to Bennington, Vermont and tuck another state under their belt of "states I've visited." A quick 3 hour drive and we arrived at our meeting place, the Old First Church.

Here we met a second family group and strolled down to writer Robert Frost's family grave plot.

Wikipedia has a nice write-up here:

Here are a couple of shots of the cemetery.

Next, we traveled up the road to the Bennington Battle Monument, seen towering over the trees from nearly every street of Bennington and a constant reminder of the history available to all.

After a 59 second ride up the elevator, you are greeted with wonderful views towards each compass point. This is the view to the South and along Monument Ave which leads up to the park.

Once upon a time, visitors took the Michelangelo Staircase up to the viewing area. (Similar to Bunker Hill Monument in Boston, MA where I've actually climbed the stairs!)

Here is a granite stone commemorating the site of the park and reason for the battle.

And here is a tribute to Colonel Seth Warner.

And, of course, here is a moose!

Next, we had a wonderful lunch at The Grille at Mt. Anthony's Country Club, just around the corner and down the road. Highly recommended by everyone in our group:

Finally, a quick stop at the Silk Road Bridge, a classic example of New England covered bridgework.

That's it - a great road trip of exploration and history with family and good food!