Annual Trip to The Wild Park

Post date: Jun 5, 2016 12:44:05 PM

We are lucky that in our area, we have not one, but two zoos to go and visit! The Rosemund-Gifford zoo in Syracuse is more of a traditional city zoo, while The Wild Park in Chittenango has more of a safari feel to it. I highly recommend visiting both, because each offers a different collection of gorgeous animals. Here are a few shots from our first visit of the year to The Wild Park, featuring a couple of new animals. Enjoy!

The Lynx (or Bobcat) on the prowl.

A Ring-Tailed Lemur lounging on the rocks.

A Gray Wolf taking a stroll.

New this year! A Grizzly Bear enjoying a dip in the pond.

The gaze of a Bengal Tiger.

Also new this year! A Fennec Fox. They only stand about 11-12" high - including the ears!