ADK - Part 2 (Rocky Mtn)

Post date: Sep 6, 2015 7:47:34 PM

For our second stop, we hiked up to the top of Rocky Mtn (about 2200 ft) and setup to shoot the sunset and then some stars, where we were treated to the Milky Way, the International Space Station flying by, and a clear view of the Big Dipper!


Here is our "office" for the evening.

My version of a "selfie". :-)

The same shot, using 3 different White Balance settings, each conveying a different mood.

The sun setting over the Adirondacks.

The road to Old Forge.

The ISS flying overhead. (And some other object in the lower right.)

The Milky Way over Eagle Bay, NY. (Lots of light pollution on the horizon, unfortunately.)

The Big Dipper - my final shot of the night before we hiked down in the dark.