ADK - Part 1 (Moose River)

Post date: Sep 6, 2015 7:36:17 PM

My buddy Rod Best and I made a day trip to the Adirondack Park with a view of doing some sunset and star photography from the top of Rocky Mountain near Inlet, NY.

On our way, we stopped to shoot the ruins of a saw mill from the early 1900's on the Moose River. Here are some shots from that stop. The next post has the sunset and star photos.

Here are the ruins of the saw mill. This shot is actually 5 different photos merged into a single panoramic shot, allowing for much larger prints if I'd like (6ft across!)

Another of the ruins.

What's left of a wall.

Water intakes to the mill - I imagine there were turbines that powered the saws.

This might be the base of a chute or chimney from long ago.

Nothing special here, except what looked like the image of skull in the crumbling concrete. Do you see it?

Here is Rod taking a shot across the river of the goldenrod. I call it "Golden Rod". :-)

More in the next post.