Across the Pond to England!

Post date: Dec 3, 2017 10:07:56 PM

One of the huge perks to working for a company that started in England is that you get invited (and they pay!) to go over and visit headquarters and meet everyone in the UK office that you've only talked to via Skype. Just after Thanksgiving, I did just that and spent 7 fantastic days in Jolly ole England. It was a whirlwind of a trip with stops in 4 major cities and 6 nights in 5 different hotels! To make things easy on myself, I've broken the trip and photos into 4 parts, starting here with Part 1, Days 1-3: Ithaca to Philadelphia; Philly to Manchester, England. I hope you enjoy and someday get to make a visit across the pond for yourself. It's a truly special place to visit. Enjoy!

Here is rough population comparison to help you gauge the size of each city I visited:

Manchester, UK = 2.5 mil

- Chicago = 2.7 mil

My flight across to England was from Ithaca to Philly to Manchester, England and was an overnight trip.

Leaving Philadelphia, iPhone shot.

Sunrise over England before landing in Manchester, UK, iPhone shot.

Tea tray in my hotel - EVERY room in each hotel had this and there wasn't a coffee maker anywhere to be found! :-)

Typical English architecture - very fortified.

The lighted fountains of Piccadilly Square in Manchester.

One of the original canalways used to transport people and goods.

A statute of Alan Turing, often credited as being the inventor of modern computing. Check out the movie Imitation Game for a look at his life.

Some of the buildings surrounding Sackville Square, where the Alan Turing memorial can be found.

More Manchester Architecture....

And here is the train station where we caught the train north to Lancaster. A great ceiling structure! iPhone shot.

Some more of the Manchester station, iPhone shot.

Continue on for the rest of my trip!